Springwell Whole House Water Filter System Review

It is easy to believe that the city water that flows through your taps is clean and safe to drink. Often, this is not the case, and you actually need a filter system to remove invisible contaminants in the water. In this Springwell water filter review, you will find the advantages of having a water filter system and why the Springwell filter is a great option for your home.

Why Do You Need a Filter System?

glass with filtered water

Many cities work hard to clean up the water as much as possible. However, they also miss conducting essential tests which detect imperceptible contaminants in the water. These contaminants, such as chlorine, bacteria, and even lead, can leave the water with an unpleasant taste or smell. A water filter helps filter out these contaminants, ensuring that your water has a good taste and is safe to consume. A water filter system is also more cost-effective than buying bottled water.

What Does The Springwell Water Filter Do?

Springwell has top-notch filtration systems that are made with brilliantly set-up components designed to powerfully eliminate contaminants. Springwell Whole House Water Filter System is one of the brand’s most popular filters suitable for decontaminated water supply in the whole house.

The water comes in different model sizes, CF1, CF4, and CF+, all of which can treat up to a million gallons of water. Each of these sizes caters to homes with varying sizes or a different number of bathrooms, and they can all last for up to ten years, depending on the size of the family.,

The Springwell Whole House Water Filter System is uniquely designed to prevent the loss of water pressure. Unlike with many other filter systems, your shower pressure will not be slowed down by the filtration process. This filter system uses a 4-step filtration system that thoroughly gets rid of chlorine, pesticides, sediments, heavy metals, and other hazardous chemicals.


  • Cost-effective
  • Excellent capacity
  • Does not lower water pressure in taps and showers
  • Healthier skin and hair
  • Better than bottled water in taste and quality
  • Does not need constant maintenance – change sediment pre-filters every 6-9 months
  • Eliminates chlorine
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Installation may prove challenging for some people

How Do You Install The Springwell Water Filter?

Despite the challenges a few people might face with installation, the Springwell Whole House Water Filter System is easy to install. Because the system does not come preassembled, it is up to you to assemble and then install. The bypass valve included in the installation package makes the process much easier with straightforward visuals in the manual.

The additional components include a bypass valve, 1” MNPT fittings, the pre-filters mounting bracket, the Hose bib Assembly, the housing for the pre-filter, the spanner wrench for the pre-filter housing, an O-ring for the pre-filter housing (comes with lube), and a sediment filter.

Your Springwell filter can be installed outside as long it is not exposed to freezing temperatures. This filter system is remarkably effective and has great capacity.

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