Living Water exceeds excellence by supplying households with high-end water technology allowing families to taste the water in its most purified state. Our high-end features and passion for stopping plastic pollution make us different from any other delivery system.

Below are some of our system’s features:

It can carry seven gallons of water

Our water cooler can contain or hold a large volume of clean water.

It automatically refills

When water comes out, the dispenser will automatically refill the cooler. Therefore, supplying fresh water all the time.

It suits any type of refillable container

You can place any size of the refillable container under the dispenser, from a mug to a water gallon jug.

It can do self-cleaning

With a dispenser nozzle, hidden drip tray, and single-use button, the cooler has less muck, grime, and germs than other refill systems. Very little maintenance is required because activated oxygen offers chemical-free decontamination for the internal system and steel tanks.

It is environment-friendly

Living Water dispensers are created with energy-efficient parts requiring lesser energy consumption.

It dispenses both cold and hot water

Keep cold and hot water available in your home.