Pricing begins at $210 per month. Living Water Refill Stations are available in a variety of colors. We are now available for installations at home or in commercial spaces. Our Refill Station is the new technology for water purification.

Here’s why you should install a water refill station:

  • Our system undergoes seven steps of purification.
  • Water becomes oxygenated and alkalized with electrolytes.
  • Buttons are easy to touch and can fill any container of water quickly.
  • It provides chilled and highly purified water.
  • There is also a hot water option that you can easily activate.
  • The recessed dispenser prevents cross-contamination.
  • It can be easily sanitized using a clean wipe.
  • Convenient to use.

Reviews from Customers

“It was a struggle to convince my children to drink enough water. Living Water has helped me! My kids now enjoy filling their glasses and drinking more water daily!”

“You expect water to be bland, but this water is delicious in its way. You can feel its pureness and freshness in every sip!”

“What I love most about Living Water is that you get to enjoy clean, safe, and healthy water while saving our planet.”