Our patent water purification system eliminates contaminants in your tap water and supplies the best quality drinking water to quench your thirst. Living Water dispensers eliminate about 99% of water pollutants, leaving you with purified and filtered drinking water.

The Filtration Process

First State: Purify

The sediment filter serves to remove solid particles from your water supply. Then, the carbon filter removes particles, such as rust flakes, debris, and dirt. Moreover, it identifies and eliminates unwanted impurities, odors, taste, dirt, and chlorine. In addition, activated carbon catches hydrogen, radon, and sulfide.

Our high-end osmosis technology uses a membrane that removes remaining impurities, like viruses, bacteria, fluoride, herbicides, pesticides, and more.

Second Stage: Enhance

In this stage, activated oxygen increases the oxygen levels in your water, adding extra freshness with every sip.

It also sterilizes the filter system and the tank, removing impurities from the water. Also, the second stage involves alkaline enhancement, which restores magnesium, calcium, and other minerals while neutralizing acidity.

Third Stage: Finish

In the final stage, the filtration process traps tiny particles using coconut husks while making water delicious.

Living Water not only provides safe water for families but at the same time saves the environment. If well-maintained, your dispenser will reach ten years or more.