Below are frequently asked questions about Living Water:

What is Living Water?

Living Water transforms ordinary water into a safe and delicious drink. The Reverse Osmosis technology used by Living Water eliminates 99% of contaminants, from viruses or bacteria to chemicals or heavy metals.

What Does Living Water Eliminate from Ordinary Water?

There are several harmful elements that Living Water removes from tap water. Generally, our technology removes bacteria, viruses, sediments, particles, toxins, chemicals, and heavy metals.

What Makes Living Water the Best Compared to Other Options in the Market?

Living Water uses a patent, high-end seven-stage purification system, unlike other filtration options at home (e.g., pitcher filters, faucet filters, or refrigerator filters), which only utilize one stage of purification.

Why is Living Water Better Than Plastic Bottled Water?

Among all others, bottled water contains tap water that went through a standard filtration process. Recent studies show that bottled water has microplastics. As a result, the earth has millions of plastic waste. With Living water in your household, pure water is available 24/7 and will only cost you about $2 per day. That saves you a lot of money than consuming bottled water all the time.