A commercial filtration system in the beverage industry is one of their secrets to tasty menu items. All the magic occurs at the back of the counter of your most-liked coffee shop. Brewing coffee or preparing drinks requires skill to create the perfect drink, and filtered water plays a vital role behind great tea, espresso, coffee, or other beverages.

You will find an array of filtration systems in fast-food restaurants and coffee shops. McDonald’sMcDonald’s, Starbucks, and other coffee shops or restaurants want their customers to have a great experience every time they visit.

However, the consistent flavor does not happen by luck. Shops that prepare drinks or coffee know that filtered water is key to their success. Note that most of what we consume contains water.

Commercial Filtration System

The unique and tasty flavor makes a brand specializing in the beverage industry. Purified and filtered water helps coffee shops achieve that goal.

The consistency of their menu comes from a water filtration system that best suits their business depending on their water source, water quality, location, and preferred taste.

Using water filtration for your business will make coffee, tea, espresso, drinking water, soda fountains, and ice machines at their best quality.

It is crucial to filter ordinary water served for consumption or drinking to eliminate contaminants that can cause water to taste and smell bad. More importantly, your customers must not get sick because of the water you serve.

Municipal water plants use chemicals to disinfect water while leaving by-products. When water passes through pipes, it gathers particles, sediment, unwanted minerals, and debris before it reaches your faucet. A filtration system eliminates anything harmful from water and supplies clean water to beverage appliances.

Espresso and Coffee Water Filtration

We often give credit to the beans for the excellent taste of coffee. However, beans only account for 0.4% of the flavor of the coffee. Water serves as the main ingredient of espresso, tea, and coffee. If your water has good tastes, no odors, and contaminants, it will boost the flavors of your tea beverages and coffee.

According to the SCAA (Specialty Association of America), the mean target range of espresso, tea, or coffee should be:

  • Total Dissolved Solids: 75 to 250 mg/L
  • Calcium hardness: 17 to 250 mg/L or 1 to 5 grains
  • Total alkalinity: about 40 mg/L
  • pH: 6.5 to 7.5
  • Sodium: about 10 mg/L

To know better about what filtration systems suit your business, you can perform a test and send the results for analysis in a laboratory.