For only $23, you can have nine aluminum bottles you can refill anytime and carry anywhere! Moreover, it saves the planet from plastic waste.

Living water aims to provide purified water to billions of people all over the globe through our Refill Stations. To support that goal, we have to offer you aluminum bottles to store your water.

Living water uses a patent, highly advanced purification and filtration technology that:

  • Uses Reverse Osmosis
  • Eliminates 99% of microplastics, heavy metals, viruses, and impurities
  • Alkalizes and remineralizes water
  • It uses coconut husks for a refreshing and crisp taste

The aluminum bottles are packed with purified water. Note that the recycling quantity of plastic bottles continues to decline, and billions of plastic bottles go to our oceans, landfills, rivers, and waterways every year. So, get rid of plastic and choose Living Water aluminum bottles!

We are transforming the plastic business with something safe and sustainable: Clean and safe water from Living Water’s seven-step filtration system in eco-friendly bottles.

Help get rid of plastic waste that kills our environment when you purchase Living Water. Hand in hand, we can overcome the plastic industry.