Using a highly advanced purification system, Living Water dispensers offer the safest and best tasting water worldwide.

Water Purification for Homes

In every residential home, old water systems struggle to supply families with clean drinking water. Arsenic and lead infiltrating the water system can harm you and your family’s health.

With Living Water’s advanced filtration process, you will have a water dispensing machine that filters water multiple times and allows reverse osmosis.

This osmosis technology filters tap water through a membrane that catches impurities and unwanted chemicals.

Purification and Osmosis Technology

Our water purification process involves three filters within the seven steps filtration method.

Sediment Filter

This catches existing dust, dirt, debris, and any type of solid impurities.

Carbon Filter

This eliminates smaller particles, bitter taste, cloudy water, and foul smells.


This removes lead, bacteria, chlorine, and any type of water contaminant.

The water system purifies the water through activated oxygen, improving it via an alkaline improvement in the following steps.

Activated Oxygen

This sanitizes the internal system and tanks through a natural molecule that eliminates toxins.

Alkaline Enhancement

This balances water pH levels by neutralizing acidic water.


Supplements calcium, potassium, sodium, and magnesium to boost immunity, bone strength, and cell repair.

Coconut Carbon

The system includes coconut husks to help catch tiny particles and improve the taste and smell of water.