Water Purification and the Filtration System

Using a highly advanced purification system, Living Water dispensers offer the safest and best tasting water worldwide.

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Springwell Whole House Water Filter System Review

It is easy to believe that the city water that flows through your taps is clean and safe to drink. Often, this is not the case, and you actually need a filter system to remove invisible contaminants in the water. In this Springwell water filter review, you will find the advantages of having a water …

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Everything you Need to Know about Harvesting Rainwater

In some regions all over the globe, rainwater is their primary source of water. It is collected to supply the population’s needs and is referred to as rainwater harvesting. Moreover, this practice is gaining popularity across the globe and is presently applied in industrial and agricultural facilities, and even in homes. All About Rainwater Harvesting …

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Viruses in Drinking Water

Waterborne viruses affect many people every year, especially those who drink untreated water. According to WHO (World Health Organization), billions of people use dirty water as a drinking source. Viruses get mixed with water when it is polluted by human or animal feces or urine. A damaged sewage system, contaminated stormwater, and floods increase the …

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What is Living Water?

Living Water transforms ordinary water into a safe and delicious drink. The Reverse Osmosis technology used by Living Water eliminates 99% of contaminants, from viruses or bacteria to chemicals or heavy metals.