A countertop filter is a POU (point-of-use) filtration system, which means it can be installed at an area where you must access water. Most countertop filters attach straight to faucets and supply clean water to your kitchen. This type of filter uses ceramic or activated carbon to remove contaminants and provide you with crystal clear water.

Choosing the Right Countertop Filter

Consider the points below before choosing or purchasing a countertop filter:

Know what is in your tap water

You must know what you need to filter and remove from your water before choosing the best countertop filter that suits your needs. If your tap water smells strong and has the taste of chemicals, chlorine is probably the culprit. If your tap water tastes like the earth, it may have algae. Different filtration systems remove various contaminants. You may need more than just a countertop filter.

Determine how you plan to use the countertop filter

The filter style you purchase must depend on how you plan to use your water filter.

Faucet-style filter

This is most commonly used in households. This type of filter is integrated into your faucet; it filters water before it is released into your filter’s tap. Faucet-style filters are ideal for apartments, homes, RVs, or places that only have limited space.

Gravity-fed filter

This type of filter is portable, compact, and easy to use. It is ideal for campers, travelers, or anyone who often travels to different locations.

Water distiller

This filter supplies you with the purest water compared to the options mentioned above. However, they are also expensive. A water distiller boils water and turns it into vapor. When water is back to liquid, it becomes free of chemicals, minerals, heavy metals, and microorganisms.

Consider the maintenance needed

Different types of filters require different levels of care. Ceramic filters must undergo regular cleaning, but they last longer than sediment or carbon filters.

Moreover, the quality of tap water will also influence how long your filters will last. You must pay attention to your water filter to ensure its functionality. Some filters come with digital detectors that tell you it’s time to replace your cartridge.

Assess the cost in the long run

Before purchasing a water filtration system, you must consider your budget and how often you need to replace your filter, including the initial price. Countertop water filters are affordable. However, their functionality depends on regular maintenance.